Made to Measure

All items on the Mik Artskjid site are of a unique character and created for you upon request. There are considerable expenses involved in this process. Therefore all articles are to be considered ‘made to measure’. This means you can not return or cancel your order after your payment is made.

Limited Issue Guarantee

There is a guaranteed maximum of prints to be sold for each artwork. You can find the number of artworks left on the shop pages.
All products, except the postcard sets, come numbered and signed by the artist. Once the available number of prints is sold, no further copies will be offered for sale.


Because your article is ‘made to measure’ you may have to wait a little longer before the artwork is sent. I try to send you a large work within 5 working days, a postcard set in 2. If this is not possible I will contact you.


Colours vary on different computer screens and images appear different because the light shines through them. Although the prints match the onscreen experience as closely as possible, there can be no 100% guarantee on colour. You can however be certain the artist is involved in printing every time and makes the best effort to deliver the highest quality products possible.


In case of damage by transport you will receive a replacement. Please only unwrap the artwork in the presence of the transporter, especially if the parcel looks damaged. If you see signs of damage, let the transporter sign that the state of the product is not as expected. Make pictures of the damage and send them to Mik Artskjid within 3 days so the issue can be resolved.