About Mik Artskjid

Mik Artskjid is a Dutch, Amsterdam based Artist.

About my Work

My work is based on the mythology of stories, feature films and 3D-video games. I want to discover in reality, the romantic, magical, seemingly nonexistent or on the contrary hyperrealistic world I experience through these media. Sometimes I need to travel to achieve this, as I did in Finse, Norway, where I collected material to recreate the polar explorer’s world of the early 20th century. Or on Samothraki, the island of the gods, where I created my own myth.  However, it often suffices to remain closer to home and observe my day to day environment with a fresh eye.

Nature, landcapes and the way they are influenced by culture, are recurring themes in my work. By means of photography, film, installations and story telling, I aim to reveal the magic of reality and simultaneously show the omnipresence of the narratives of film and other media.

I take pictures as if making films. Every photograph invites the viewer to step into the world imagined, and to create a story of their own.


2015 – Accepted into Royal College of Art, London
2014 – Gerrit Rietveld Academie, VAV (Audiovisual), Amsterdam
AHKH, Mime, Amsterdam

Kim Dijkstra


Publication – Simulacrum, Magazine for Art and Culture, year 30, nr 2 – Cover image and inlay card.
May 15-16 2021, Gedenkwaardig, Groningen Mort House Art Route.
April 16 to july 2021 – Binnenste Buiten, Amsterdam Spring Art Route, WG Kunst.
December 1, 2020 – Publication in Dead Dads Club zine – Volume 2. A printed collaborative visual arts and literature magazine.
November 30, 2020 – Online publication Remembrance Species 2020 – Selected works/trabajos seleccionados.
November 12, 2020 – Selected work in “WASTE TO CREATE” Online art exhibition organised by ‘Eco Aware Art Gallery’.
F5: FPP Filmfest 2019, Orlando, Florida, USA, May 29 – 30, 2019,
Official Selection ‘The Find’
In-Short Film Festival 2018, Lagos, Nigeria, 27-29/12,
Official Selection ‘The Find’
Paleis van Mieris Club, 08-12, Premiere The Find – Short Movie,
plus Q & A
SBK, SPROUTS Young Talents, 28-09/08-10
Paleis van Mieris, Dufus Tidious, 15-07
Mezrab, VERSO / live jour- nal: ‘Mercury’, 01-11
Amstel 340, Up Art Expo, Open Atelier Route, 2-05/3-05
Galerie 59, Aisha Fouad & Kim Dijkstra, 25-1/22-2
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Prague, screening of ‘From the New World’ and ‘Largo Shostakovich’ plus artist talk, 20-11
SBK KNSM, Sprouts #1, Final Exam Selection Dutch Art Academies, 5-9/ 28-9
Loods 6, Kunst & Design Fair, 12-12/17-12
Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Final Exam Exhibition, 1-7/7-7
Eye, Final Exam Press Screening, screening of ‘Timbuktu’, 27-6
Wow Foundation, screening of ‘Waar ik ook ben’, 21-06
Eye: E*Cinema, Absence and Departure, screening of ‘Waar ik ook ben’, 27-5
Oude Kerk Amsterdam, Constant Companion, 15-3/6-4
Gallery Lokaal WV15, Derivative, 18-1/26-1
Cultuurwerf Vlissingen, Eva Ontbloot, screening of ‘Escape’ 16-06/11-08
Hermitage Amsterdam, screening of ‘Ik ga weg om terug te komen’, 22-5
Oude kerk Amsterdam, Beyond Babylon, 1-2/-17-2
OT 301, Cinema Sundays, screening of ‘Hard Candy’, 29-1
One Minutes Series, Performance One Minutes, 17-3
Brakke Grond Theatre, Rietveld Uncut, The living Object, 11-11
Jan des Bouvrie College, Dream Conference Exhibition, 25-7/29-7
Moma NY, DYI Augmented Reality Art Invasion, 9-10
Schijnheilig, Call & Response expo, appeared also in a AT5 nieuws item, 22-04
De Zwarte Ruyter, Dead Darlings, 4-2/6-2


Accepted into Royal College of Art, London
Gerrit Rietveld Academie, VAV (Audiovisual), Amsterdam
AHKH, Mime, Amsterdam


Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds: Cultuurfondsbeurs
RCA: Annual Grant.


I also worked on several photography assignments. Please check kimdijkstra.com for more information