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By the Sea

Thanks to the ever changing light, the sea can be photographed again and again, revealing new aspects all the time. Landscapes by the sea. Click on the image for more information and pricing.

Sleeping Rock

Island of the Gods

Landscape Photography from Samothraki, the mystical and mythical Island in the Aegean Sea. This Greek island was once well known for its sacred intitiation rites. Many famous people from the past, Herodotus, Plato, Julius Ceasar and many others, visited the Island of the Gods. Samothraki is the Island where the Winged Victory ‘Nike’ was taken

Unchanged Land

Frozen Landscapes from the inhospitable mountains of Finse, Norway. The frozen environment of Finse has served as practice grounds for polar expeditions by Scott and Amundsen because of similarities with the South Pole. I used this locations to experience what these travellers may have seen and gone through during their explorations. The landscape in Finse

Danzigerbocht, Amsterdam

Out of this World

While staying within the city limits of Amsterdam I could photograph these alien looking landscapes. he photo series ‘My Bare Amsterdam’ arose from ‘exploration trips’ in my own environment. Although I did not cross the city limits of Amsterdam I was able to capture these ‘alien’ landscapes that give an impression as if they are

Romanticist Landscapes

Dutch Landscape Photography inspired by Romanticism. The Netherlands are densely populated and there is a lot of development going on everywhere. But sometimes I come across landscapes that seem to be left alone for quite some time. It is in the forgotten corners of the land where these 17th century and romanticist landscapes pop up